The first ice library in the world

ice library

On the edge of Lake Baikal, in Russia, it was installed first ice library in the world. Made on a structure labyrinth of over 200 tons of ice blocks, its walls were engraved with dreams of over a thousand people across the planet.


Siberian resort builds ‘ice library of dreams’ – BBC News

6 days ago “Last year we announced we would create the Ice Library of Wonders, and asked people to send us their dreams and wishes,” local tourism …

Ice library was inaugurated in early February and is the result of a proposal launched by the local tourist office, according to the site The project manager told local media that the idea arose last year when he asked people to send their wishes. Soon, the team began to receive quotes from people around the world, and now authorities in the area will make use of this opportunity to attract more tourists to the area as. Title dreams and desires engraved in the walls bibilotecii The ice walls were carved so far more than a thousand quotes, expressions and constituted approximately 420 “books”. They have contributed to the achievement of people around the world who have sent their wishes in different languages, including English, Chinese, Korean and Russian. Less good news is that the project will last at most until April, when pieces of ice will begin to melt, the project team hopes that by then the wishes written on the walls of the library a reality.

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What lies beneath the ice of Lake Baikal surpasses all imagination

English: Lake Baikal in Springtime (Listvyanka) Deutsch: Baikalsee im Frühling (Listwjanka) (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Baikal, the largest freshwater reservoir on the planet, is aptly nicknamed the “Pearl of Siberia“, so it is not surprising that images worldwide are willing to brave harsh conditions to capture the magic lake. The same happened …




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