The greenest cities in Europe

greenest cities in europe

The greenest cities in Europe can be a healthier alternative for anyone who wants to avoid the effects of pollution in big cities.

The best green cities are in northern Europe. Around the world, every city is included in the Green City Index, which measures the quality of life of these urbi. Each city is analyzed using 30 indicators, including carbon dioxide emissions, green buildings, transportation, water, air, and waste management. Chart made by those from Siemens includes Bucharest, capital of Romania, but is on a very weak. Bucharest is ranked 28 of the 30 cities, from Bucharest in the ranking of the greenest cities in Europe is Sofia and Kiev. Before Bucharest are Istanbul, Zagreb and Prague.

Bristol named sixth ‘greenest city’ in Europe | The Independent

Feb 12, 2015 Bristol has been named Europe’s sixth greenest city, based on analyses of European cities’ green initiatives, cleanliness and emissions.

Here are five greenest cities in Europe.

The greenest cities in Europe – Amsterdam In Amsterdam, the bicycle is the preferred means of transport, and having adapted its infrastructure. Also in 2010 opened 19 charging stations for electric cars or motorcycles that do not use gasoline. Vienna 68% of Viennese walk or take public transport. Also, the ratio of the number of cars and the population is much better than in cities like Bucharest.

The greenest cities in Europe – Oslo In Oslo there is a draft City Bike, which allows residents to rent bicycles from 100 stations from all over the city: They are not obliged to return to the same place, but another bike station. Stockholm Because they are not satisfied with public transport, bicycle Swedes call. 70% of the inhabitants of Stockholm ride my bike to work, making this one of the greenest city in Europe.

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The greenest cities in Europe – Copenhagen Copenhagen wants to become the first carbon-free city in 2025. Also the Danish buildings are among the most efficient in terms of energy consumption. It also wants to become the capital Copenhagen where cyclists have the best conditions. You can read more about the greenest cities in Europe in the document below.

European Green City Index


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