The largest Japanese airport, Narita in Tokyo gets new toilets

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Terminal 2, Narita International Airport, Japan

The largest Japanese airport, Narita in Tokyo, have the opportunity to try modern toilets installed there, whose walls seem transparent, to the amusement of others.

Moving silhouettes on the walls modern toilets Narita airport are not of those who are in, but pre-recorded video images, which creates the illusion that the walls lavatories are transparent and reveal “hustle and bustle” of persons inside.

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Some of the figures seem to mop the floor clean, others simply are arranged as if they use the toilet in “traditional”.

Beyond the visual appearance outside Narita airport cabs are equipped with all sorts of high-tech features. “The cabins are arranged as individual sculptures in a gallery. This private placement surprising our place in the busiest area, as Narita airport, amuses them, eventually people,” said architect Astrid Klein.

“Usually people are surprised by two things. First, the automatic lifting of the cap, then that’s heated seat toilet bowl. Often customers remained wonder if the hot one who used it before ( …) Using these toilets could be the last foreign trip before leaving Japan experience. We want people to stay with that impression, “said Yamashita Nariko, a spokesman for Narita airport, according


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However, many tourists are perplexed. “I was a little confused, but was the greatest  toilet I ever used,” said a tourist who visited Japan.

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