The luxury hotel in the desert of Mongolia

Visitor running down a dune in Great Sand Dune...

It is located near the Chinese city Baotou, where over half of mined rare minerals Pama ¢ Ntuli.

 Desert Lotus Hotel has a position that is not within everyone’s reach: nearly a thousand kilometers far from Beijing and ocean.

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Desert surfing, yoga, riding on camels

According to analysts, Mongolia is in an economic boom, due to high demand from the Chinese market, which has attracted luxury projects such as the hotel Desert Lotus.

Hidden among the sand dunes, stunning hotel has no proper foundation, but is based on a flat metal platform, filled with sand, which helps maintain the stability of the entire structure. The structure is made of “tents” white triangular, circular arranged in the shape of a lotus.

The hotel is part of a luxury resort appreciated especially by Chinese tourists, who can here desert surfing, yoga, riding camels and various other activities Mongolian cuisine. Specialists in the field say that the shape of the building reminds eco Arcostanti community, which promoted the concept of eco-friendly architecture in the 70s.

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