The most beautiful Christmas Markets in Europe

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christmas markets in europe

Dozens of types of sweets and traditional products, aromas of mulled wine, Christmas carols and Santas cheerfully have already started winter holidays with the opening of some of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe.


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Great Christmas markets in Europe are a blend of tradition and magic, unforgettable gift that someone can do or where to find diversity and inspiration shopping season. The experts behind the platform , a free search engine and independent tenders travel, offers several recommendations, compiling a list of the most beautiful European fairs prepared for this period. Central Market in Stockholm, Sweden Despite his respectable age for more than a century, the Christmas market in the Old Town of Stockholm is a delight to the eyes of passersby.

Central Market in Stockholm, Sweden


Despite his respectable age for more than a century, the Christmas market in the Old Town of Stockholm is a delight to the eyes of passersby.Before the Nobel Museum, close to the Royal Palace, colorful stalls are full of objects made exclusively in Sweden, such as glasses, ceramics and jewelry, and prices are surprisingly affordable. Central Square (Stortorget) invites you to discover local handicrafts and taste the traditional goodies: pepparkakor, saffransbullar and glögg, ie pepper cookies, gingerbread with saffron and a little wine Vierte that would melt in your mouth.

Striezelmarkt in Dresden, Germany.

Dresden’s Christmas market takes place over 600 years and boasts of being the oldest in the whole of Germany. Here artisans gather from across the region to over 250 stalls. Icing on the cake, the second Sunday in December, the Festival Stollen cake (fruit cake) which is customary to weigh three tons. Tivoli Gardens in

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Copenhagen, Denmark

The second oldest amusement park in the world puts on hundreds of trees and colorful lights decorate Christmas every year. One of the biggest attractions is the lake, turned into ice rink. Bits prepared a glass of glögg (mulled wine spiced), some hot apple dumplings, works of art or other decorations, take you on the spot in the festive atmosphere.

Cathedral Square and the Residential Palace in Salzburg, Austria

When you get the feeling that Christkindlmarket take part in something great. This is because the market is guarded by an imposing church in the background you can see a medieval castle located on the hilltop and a two-story fountain is dressed in a futuristic glass cone.

Old Town Square in Prague, Czech Republic
There are numerous Christmas markets in Prague and its surroundings, but do not miss the one in Old Town. Around a huge Christmas tree gather colored chalets that entice you with handmade jewelry, candles and wooden toys (including classic doll Czech). Here you can have your thirst with medovina astâmperi, a wine made from honey.

Grand Market Place Sainte-Catherine and Brussels, Belgium

Fair Brussels hosts around 240 wooden houses with all kinds of gifts and seasonal decorations. And although merchants from all countries come to showcase their products, the highlight remains traditional Belgian food: waffles, donuts, mussels. Whatever you choose, you can bypass the typical Belgian beer.


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Whether or not you made plans for winter holidays, we invite you to admire a selection of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe.   4 of the Coziest Christmas Markets in Europe You’ve probably heard a ton about European Christmas Markets lately. And if not, well, I’m here to tell you that …


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Albert Square in Manchester, England

Christmas fairs are not only a phenomenon in the heart of Europe, they stretch back to British shores, and here, especially in Manchester, men enter into a sort of frenzy, extended throughout the holidays. Christmas fairs in Manchester, especially the one in Albert Square, make available several stands (around 300 in total), with all sorts of goodies and handmade items from all over Europe.

Historic center of Riga, Latvia

Christmas Fair in the capital of Latvia is a page torn from children’s stories. Located in Cathedral Square, right in the heart of the historic center of Riga, the fair attracts worked closely with numerous objects: candlesticks made of wood Latvian amber decoration.

Central Market in Nuremberg, Germany

In Nuremberg, the Christmas Fair tradition started somewhere in the sixteenth century and the present annual gathering around two million visitors from around the world. High Hauptmarkt (central square of the Old Town of Nuremberg), the fair offers various culinary delights typical Christmas: gingerbread, sausages Rostbratwurst and Glühwein (mulled wine).

Central Square in Madrid, Spain
Plaza Mayor (main square) hosts Christmas fair in Madrid for over a century, where figures of the Nativity scenes that embody the present. Their craftsmen places them prominently on the shelf to view căbănuţele wood. Lit lanterns, hanging in all corners of the market, make you forget that night comes or that you’re cold. San Gregorio Armeno street of Naples, Italy Mercatino di Natale Naples is the quintessential Italian Christmas fairs, festive rich traditions, rituals craft passed down from ancestors. Like in many fairs in Spain, decorations that render moments of Jesus’ coming into the world (known to locals as Presepe) is fair attraction.

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Piata Mare in Sibiu, Romania
The image of a gentle Christmas it snowed slightly in recent days, and you’re in the middle of the fair a city nestled in the foothills can turn the blink in reality. Sibiu is located in the heart of the country near you. As appetite for Christmas goodies, you can filled with gingerbread, Kurt (kurtoskalacs) or a pound.

Strasbourg’s Old Town

Le Marché de l’Enfant Jésus storm the eastern half of the old center of Strasbourg city streets studded with numerous lights and wooden stands. Here you find especially wine chaud (hot wine), choucroute (sauerkraut) and baeckeoffe (meat stew with potatoes).

Red Square in Moscow, Russia

Known for military parades during the year, Moscow’s Red Square during Christmas is shrouded in an atmosphere of intimacy. Moreover, the fair is open until late January.


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