The most impressive underground stations in the world

underground stations

In civilized countries there metro stations which can easily be mistaken for real museums. Among the most striking are transport stations under a globe, inspired by the speech of Stalin or station under the Huangpu River stunning audio-visual effects.

London’s Underground Stations: A Social and Architectural Study

London’s Underground Stations: A Social and Architectural Study is a book by the British author and illustrator Laurence Menear. It was first published
The publication Business Insider has achieved among the most impressive metro stations worldwide, seats that convert into real passenger routes visits to the museum. Inside the station ‘Formosa Boulevard‘ (main photo) in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, there is a real work of art. There are over 4,500 glass panels painted by Quangliata Narcissus, which are arranged in a globe. Present work was declared the largest glass painting in the world. Thanks to amazing kaleidoscope, the area was proposed as a place for wedding ceremonies. Nature has made its way into the “Central Park Station” – Kaohsiung, Taiwan. British architect Richard Rogers has turned the escalators in a flowery plain, creating a beautiful state, although grass and flowers are artificial.


Magnificent metros: The beauty of deserted underground stations

Aug 29, 2016 Photographer Chris Forsyth has spent two years capturing people-free pictures of 150 busy underground stations.

Metro downtown Manhattan was declared the most beautiful station in New York. It holds the world record for the largest number of station platforms (44), one of which is secret.

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“Komsomolskaya” the Moscow station is a neoclassical inspiration conducted by Russian Dmitri Chechulin. The interior ceilings and chandeliers that resemble those that were in the great ballrooms, mosaic inspired by the scene of a speech by Stalin during warfare.

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Lost in the fictional world of Jules Vern, station “Arts et Métiers” in Paris, France, it was designed by artist François Schuiten and includes copper walls imitating inside a submarine.

There are over 90 subway stations in Stockholm, Sweden, some of which were decorated with sculptures, mosaics, paintings, and installations. One of them is the station “Distanţp”, which was decorated by artists and Ake Pallarp Hallek Enno. They have built a vibrant rainbow arches lines.
At metro station “Avtovo” in St. Petersburg, Russia, are located in the center platforms chandeliers, ornaments decorated with laurel branches, marble columns, mosaics and impressive historical memory.

London Underground stations that are listed buildings – Wikipedia …

The London Underground is a metro system serving a large part of Greater London and parts of Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Essex. Seventy-one of the …

Although it is a tourist attraction rather than a station tunnel in Shanghai, China, provides passengers with a walk underground beneath the Huangpu River, the trip including stunning audio-visual effects.

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