The place where planes land over the heads of tourists

over the heads of tourists

Most tourists who choose Maho beach in the Caribbean not for clean water, or because the place is exotic, but for the extraordinary experience they get when they see landing planes overt heir heads.

Plane comes terrifyingly close to tourists on beach as it prepares to …

Aug 1, 2016 The runway at Princess Juliana Airport is so close to Maho beach, planes skim over the heads of tourists at a terrifyingly close range as they …

Maho Beach, Saint Martin, Caribbean, is recognized for being very close to the airplanes landing over sand beaches that are often inhabited by people.

Daily Mail writes that although almost daily by landing a plane very close to people, tourists that are the beach are excited about this and do not miss an opportunity to capture the moment.

Princess Juliana International Airport is very close to the beach and has an unusually short runway of only 2,180 meters.

To perform a soft landing as the plane is brought close to the end of the runway, about 10 meters altitude, flight terminating substantially above eager tourists adrenaline.

Locals show all panels beach bars with aircraft arrivals and departures schedule so that tourists can plan their time and make videos or photos.

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