The recipe dream vacation: what are the “ingredients” for a perfect stay

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dream vacationScientists have discovered the perfect way to turn ordinary vacation into an unforgettable time thanks to some “ingredients” at hand.


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British scientists have found the recipe for a perfect vacation. According to neuropsychologist David Lewis, founder of the research center Mindlab International, the three main elements that can make a holiday hard to forget are the company (people with whom we are), which counts for 22%, while important in proportion 17%, and the location, which counts at the rate of 15%. Other “ingredients” important for a dream holiday are activities, originality, sounds, weather, landscapes, scents and was conducted with the help of 6,000 Europeans.

Research has shown that men and women focus their attention to different details. For example, men immediately recall details such as pictures and sounds, while women are more attentive to the location and activities. Moreover, the study showed how important it is for us holiday.
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 According to the results, people are much happier when off the plane with a loved than when they imagine that they will win the lottery or be promoted at work. “The most precious moments of trial subjects are with those we love – partners, family members or close friends, so we can conclude that people are the key to beautiful holiday memories,” said Lewis. Among those interviewed are moments of sunrises holiday, at a rate of 47% visiting a scenic spot in the proportion of 35%, spontaneous happenings with your loved ones in a ratio of 25% and lazing around the pool, in the proportion of 7%.
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