The safest places in the plane

English: An emergency exit on a public bus.

The safest places in the plane. The place occupied in the aircraft‘s important to know how to act in case of problems during the flight, be it simple turbulence or a more serious case.

The safest places in the plane. Front seats dangerous Following impact with the ground, the front of the plane and the first rows of seats usually reserved for the class were the most damaged, according to “The Telegraph“. Common causes of injury The most common causes of injury in an aircraft when the aircraft are shaken by turbulence, and passengers are not on their seats or seat belts were not. Near one of the emergency exits An analysis conducted by the US government in 2013 regarding aviation accidents between 1993 and 2000, involving 53,487 people showed that over 90% of the passengers survived. According to this reasoning, some scientists argue that those who occupy places at more than six rows from an emergency exit have less chance of survival.


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The safest places in the plane. The seats of the window, not recommended According to a study published by Men’s Health and cited by wood-călă places the glass are not recommended, because it was shown that those who sit by the window rises slowed or stopped during a flight, as this involves disturbance Besides the two passengers. Also, gravity leads to accumulation of blood in the legs, and those who are sitting for a long period is likely to have medical problems, therefore, the aisle seats are preferred. Advice As you reach the plane is recommended to count how many times you close the emergency exit. In case of problems during the flight, you can tell at what point should you target.

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