Top 10 New Year traditions in the world

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Besides fun and traditional dishes, New Year comes with all sorts of customs and traditions that people around the world observe at night of the year, to be able to attract luck and prosperity to their side. From the suitcases walk around the block naked, to costumes representing animals of the Chinese zodiac, each country has its rituals at least strange that welcome the new year.

Ringing In 2016: New Year’s Traditions You Might Not Have Heard Of

While thousands will pack Manhattan’s Times Square to take part in one of the United States‘ most recognized New Year’s traditions, for most countries in Asia — and for a large part of the Asian-American community — major New Year’s festivities won’t


It is said that pink underwear worn Year’s Eve will “ensure” a year with many achievements sentimental, loving. Also in Argentina, at midnight, to make a step forward with your right foot, with the right to enter into the new year.
t is better to wear white New Year’s Eve, to ward off evil spirits. Locals used to throw flowers into the ocean Ocean Goddess. If they are brought back ashore by waves, it means that it has accepted.

South 3.Africa.

In Johannesburg all old or broken appliances are thrown out the window Year’s Eve.

4. Chile.

At midnight eat a spoonful lentils to succeed in business in the coming year.

5. Columbia.

Colombians are walking around the block with empty suitcases to take bonus to travelers coming year.

6. Spain.

In this country eat 12 grapes at midnight prosperity.

7. Ecuador.

New Year’s Eve dress up in women younger boys. In widows, exactly, is extremely well equipped, with huge ass and tits giants, symbolizing the year just ending. Then walk the streets and provocative dancing locals begging for money.

8. Japan.

In Japan it is traditional to wear a costume to represent the animal from the Chinese zodiac that will govern next year. Year 2016 will be the year of the monkey

9. New Zealand

New Year’s Eve is a lot of noise with kitchen utensils. Basically, locals noisy knock you out in any way: pans, pots, pans.
10. Russia
Write a wish on a piece of paper and then burn the paper and its ashes put in the glass of champagne and drink between 00:00 and 0:01 in the first minute of the new year. Superstitions Russians say that so wish will come true for sure.

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