Top of the most visited museums in the EU

most visited museums in europe

The European Group on Museum Statistics published the list of the most visited museums in the European Union. More than nine million people crossed the threshold last year to the top-ranking museum, while tourists are attracted by three such targets in Romania.


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The Louvre in Paris is the most visited museum, with 9.1 million people who have crossed the threshold just last year, writes the site. The podium is complemented by the French Versailles Palace (over 7.7 million visitors) and the Colosseum in Italy (5.6 million visitors). More than 5 million tourists attract the British Museum, the National Gallery in London, the National Museum of Natural History in London and Victoria & Albert Museum in London, institutions that complement the top. The Museum d’Orsay and the National Museum of Modern Art, both in Paris, managed to attract between 3 and 4 million visitors in 2016. In terms of Romania, the five most popular museums account for less than 2 million visitors annually. The first three places are the Bran Castle, with about half a million visitors, the ASRTRA National Museum in Sibiu with 400,000 visitors, and the “Dimitrie Guşti” Village Museum in Bucharest, with over 350,000 visitors.

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