Top tourist destinations of 2017, according to National Geographic Traveler

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top tourist destinations of 2017Magazine “National Geographic Traveler” advised a list of 21 attractive destinations worth visiting in 2017, examples of which are islands, cities that host major events in 2017, national parks and rainforests.


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According to the editors of “National Geographic Traveler” , one of the most spectacular destinations such category is the island of Kauai is considered a great area in Hawaii, with high cliffs, waterfalls, forests of mahogany and lush landscapes show . Here they were filmed no less than 60 films, including “Jurassic Park“. Moreover, the place is considered the most beautiful in Hawaii because of the spectacular landscape created by the mountains surrounded by lush vegetation and crystalline waters. Finland is recommended as a destination for 2017 due to the “golden silence”. The 40 national parks, 12 wilderness areas and hiking six areas are described as “sanctuaries of those who seek peace.” In 2017, Finland celebrates 100 years of independence, which will be marked by four national events “Finnish Nature Days”, one for each season – winter, spring, summer and autumn. Canada will celebrate in 2017 the 150th anniversary, and publishers Banff National Geographic Traveler included in the list of 21 recommended destinations for next year. It should be noted that Lonely Planet named the country as the number one destination for 2017. Those who come here will be conquered by impressive mountain ridges, valleys and lakes with turquoise shades.

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Observers eager to capture a bit of wildness Bengal Tiger, you must know that the heart of India is the perfect place. Almost two thirds of the world’s wild tigers are in this country, and due to wildlife and habitat conservation, national parks here are true havens for the wild cats. Eighty years after Hemingway called it “world capital” lo of Madrid, it is brought to the attention of tourists. A destination which offers visitors over 60 museums, parks and landscaped gardens, a place where artists put their mark on the streets of Madrid neighborhoods. Madrid is a welcoming city, full of life and rich history that offers many cultural experiences and relaxation.

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