Transylvanian village Viscri a model of rural tourism

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Fortified church of Viscri in Transylvania, a ...

In recent years, the small village of Viscri Brasov won more and more tourists, especially foreigners. Many say that the success of the village is due to Prince Charles, who has a house in the village, The village with just over 1,000 souls in a few years became a tourist attraction for the tens of thousands of foreigners. Viscri lives from tourism, and each resident participates something. Caroline Fernolend is one of the drivers who operated mechanism Viscri. Helped by other villagers eager to do something for their community, he managed to turn in a village Viscri where everyone works and is proud of local traditions. Success story is told by Caroline village Brasov, mother Sara, but also those who “invented” Local brands: socks, shoes and jams.

Caroline Fernolend, Executive Director and Vice-President of the Mihai Eminescu Trust, is 52 years old and was born, he grew up and lives in Viscri, one of the people who fought the village to develop. Even if it may have successful careers anywhere in the city, Caroline chose his native village. After he graduated from Brasov, where he studied economics, he took a decision that stunned her colleagues.

Viscri chose Prince Charles

Even if the image of the village is associated with Prince Charles, Caroline says it chose not Viscri, but was rather the opposite.Prince Charles and Saschiz properties, was often visited there, but the village does not attract tourists. Many foreigners come to Viscri for authenticity and traditional food in advance as Prince Charles have a house in the area.

UNESCO village

One of victories Fernolend Caroline managed to bring to Viscri village was the inclusion in UNESCO, a title that offers a plus for travel home.The assignment is a promotion that titles itself, she believes, and stresses that the most important in a community are people, they are the ones who value the authentic village.

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Single treatment plant in the country

Also with the support of the Mihai Eminescu Trust, Caroline Fernolend managed in 2011 to build a treatment plant Viscri ecological unique in Romania. The Buneşti Hall of Viscri belongs, and people have received without paying taxes sewer drains. Station cost 400,000 euros.Station Maintenance is very simple: you only need to mow reed that grows on lakes and over 40-50 years would need to be cleaned lakes.

Prince Charles to buy property in homeland of relative ‘Count Dracula’

A house in the Viscri village would cost about £4,000. The Prince’s alleged relative Vlad is said to have dispatched more than 100,000 Turkish warriors in battle. The vampire legend was fed by Vlad’s own predilection for eating bread dipped in his

Everybody works

Other measures that led to the development of the village were the restoration of the facades of houses and barn, building wooden footbridges entry into households, arranging entrance signs to the village of stone, but of tourist. All this with the help of the Mihai Eminescu Trust and tireless Carolina. Also, the Foundation organized and crafts courses for people who understand that only if you work together may develop Viscri. That is now all locals an occupation. A family made of twigs rubbish bins that are on poles, some tourists walking carriage, others were pensions, others animals and guest houses offer natural products. Also, women in the village cook for tourists, make jams and honey, and wool socks and felt slippers. Viscri Although there is a large community of Roma – over 300 people – only three families are assisted social, ie seven people. In Viscri is stolen and nobody locked gate.

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Viscri village is now an independent, successful model in rural tourism. Accommodation costs from 10 euros per night, but there are luxury hotels that looks authentic and where accommodation and to reach 50-60 euros per night, breakfast included. A dinner costs 50 lei, and the food is traditio-nal: Chicken noodle soup, veal stew, roast lamb, homemade bread and cakes with seasonal fruit. Now, rhubarb is a place of honor. Village development has led to increasing house prices. The last was sold for 36,000 euros. It is a house with three rooms, but not the barn. A home that has shed can reach up to 50,000 euros. Guest houses are simple but clean. And Caroline Fernolend arranged a guest room in one of the oldest houses in Viscri, which was built in 1760. The room is old furniture, with traditional tiled traditional cloths and carpets Viscri.

En Roumanie, des pistes cyclables pour doper le tourisme vert

D’ici la fin de cette année, 14 kilomètres suivront, permettant d’atteindre Viscri, village où le prince de Galles dispose d’une maison qu’il loue en chambres d’hôtes en son absence. Puis environ 80 kilomètres. Ce circuit de cyclotourisme en

Mama Sara, user fortified church, the story of Viscri socks

Fernolend Carolina mother, Sara Dootz, it also involves active in the community. It Has 79 years, but full of energy. It is proud of her village and the people who have managed to turn Viscri in a model of rural tourism. Until the Revolution was a housewife, was busy household, garden and children. He never ran out of work and therefore knows how to appreciate what is most precious village: people.

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For 25 years, the guide Viscri fortified church, an architectural marvel. Mama Sarah, as I say many tourists, knows all the secrets of the church and tells visitors everything they want to know.

Fortified church of Viscri is a gem that has not been touched by modernization. Organ 300 years old, carved wooden benches, worn over time, and a box of hand-painted mercy can all be enjoyed in peace. The organ was bad lysed by renowned builder Johann Thois and is of rare beauty. Both she and painted altar there has been no change for hundreds of years. So the banks that lived people on the job. The church has a museum, where you can admire Saxon painted chests, wedding costumes XIII century, but whole sets of ceramic used in meals Sunday. From the museum does not lack wooden cots for children or prayer books 200 years ago.

Village blacksmith, Attraction Before the Revolution, when everyone was working in the field, to be a blacksmith was a lucrative trade. Over time, the business has perished, but in its place arose another. Istvan Gabor (30) learned the trade from his father and shape any iron. Because there was no work in the village, it has switched to tourism. Tourists come to visit him, and Istvan show them trade secrets. Face and miniature horseshoes, the post of souvenirs and even give tourists most skilled to work less in the workshop.


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