Traveling through Asia hitchhiking “Beauty comes from simple things”


traveling through asia

In late summer last year they sold, given or left everything they had in Bucharest, climbed on the bike and went to Asia. Thus began the journey of Mary and her boyfriend Ben , who writes Jula Camelia “Think Outside the Box”. Maria is Romanian,  and Ben German together are “a couple of hungry minds and feet impatiently on the road”. In Burma, Malaysia and Indonesia way, told us about what it means to leave behind automatism of everyday life and turn your every day a new beginning.


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“We are not the first trip, neither I nor Ben, but we have not exhausted longing for lead,” says Maria. Their plans, before they know and fall in love, were as follows: Ben wanted to go to Asia after graduation master and Maria wanted to go to South America after license. “Eventually, we were crossed paths we love, Ben moved to Romania, I waited a year to finish my studies and then we agreed that we go eastward. We chose Asia because I wanted to avoid to fly, and then it seemed the most plausible route. In addition, it is a continent as diverse natural and cultural point of view, “said the girl. Why cycling? “At first I wanted to go hitchhiking, then bike. The idea came suddenly and cycling was based on little, but our beautiful long-distance riding experience. We thought the best means of transport, but in Iran I realized that, ultimately, we are more than cyclists hitchhikers. And we regret that we sold bikes. We had incredible experiences with almost every driver who took us in – or on – his car. However, future and we want to climb in the saddle at the right time. “ To earn the minimum necessary money they need, sings the streets – “Maria plays the violin very well,” said her sister, Ana Irene. When and where have access to the internet, writing on the site, make photos and send messages from loved ones at home.


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What were the best moments of your journey so far?

In Iran, a December night, I slept in the desert, completely lost. I could hear my blood pulsation, so quiet it was! And I saw the sky never more stars. I think it was the most special night for both of us. Then, also in Iran, but not limited to interpersonal contact was incredible families sheltered us, fed us, and when singing women came to me on the street, I stopped singing, weeping and hugging me thanking me for small “revolution” that are in a Muslim country. On the way I met wonderful fellow travelers, we’ve been reunited. At Christmas we all gathered in southern Iran and we celebrated on an island in the Persian Gulf. We had wonderful experiences in many countries, I hope not understand that only happened in Iran. But perhaps there I had the most highlight sites. In fact, our trip had many highlights links, but rather beauty came from simple things: to read around the fire while waiting for tea to be ready to understand the stories of many people with completely different backgrounds, to find a nice place to put the tent, we feel exhausted in a positive way to end a day of riding, stop a truck after waiting an hour roadside etc.



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But the less beautiful moments of your journey so far that have been?

A terrible storm and we camping in the open field, a night surrounded by dragons, passports seized in Iran, after I sang in the street … I had bad moments and cycling: traffic at the entrance to Istanbul, where I thought he would not escape unharmed. On another day we caught a heavy rain and had to crawl through mud bikes 2 km, destroying several pieces. When we reached the road and the rain started. We stopped a car shoe that brought us to the next city. When I came down, the driver threw us all baggage, some bags were opened in the rain and many things we were filled with mud. I had some health problems, but not serious. The worst was when I had to remove a wisdom tooth, in Dubai. I cried there not only pain, but when I realized that I am in a monstrous place. The difference between high life and suffering is greater than the skyscrapers behind which hide the miserable living conditions. There are concentrated all the problems of humanity, and that’s why it was so powerful effect on me. But Dubai topic is too long to develop it here.

Stories from the road of Mary and Ben and fascinating photographs that document their adventure, you can find on their website, Wonder Lusters or their Facebook page.

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