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airline staff

The loss or delay of luggage is at the heart of the problems complained of by airlines’ customers. To avoid such situations, make sure you do everything you can to keep your goods safe.

Airline staff to use ‘more force’ with unruly passengers, ‘readily use …

Dec 27, 2016 An airline said its cabin crews will react more ‘firmly and actively against in-flight violence’ after a farcical attempt to tackle a raging passenger.
Loss of luggage is a nightmare for any tourist. And as the summer holiday season approaches, Bright Side has found 10 simple ways to help make sure your things are not lost Remove the old labels immediately If you started collecting stickers on the suitcase to remind you of other trips, you might lose your luggage. They can accidentally fly to another destination. Better paste a name tag on your suitcase as it will help you find luggage in case of loss. Check in earlier According to airport staff’s confession, baggage Is most often lost when check-in is done at the last minute. The later, the greater the chances of luggage being lost because they simply fail to pass through the labyrinth of conveyor belts in time.

Ask staff to stick the “Fragil” label to their luggage It’s a trick known by many people: Tell the staff that you have fragile items in your suitcase and you’ll get a special label along with promises to take special care of your goods. Do not overload the suitcase By confessing, luggage manipulators explained that the suitcases load by throwing them over each other. “We do not want to damage the suitcases, but you can imagine that the way they are transported is not even beneficial to them. Therefore, the harder the luggage is, the more damage it could cause. ”

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Choose a suitably colored but not expensive suitcase A suitably expensive suitcase can get into the hands of the thieves, while one in a common color, such as black, will go through the hands of dozens of passengers who want to find their own baggage. Choose a vivid color or a less common pattern. Evaluate the stop time It is often the case that direct flights record less cases of lost suitcases than those with stopovers. If you have a stopover, do not neglect your baggage. Just make sure there is at least an hour between flights. Use protective foil or pouch Pack the foil pouch in the airport. No thief will be able to get inside or be damaged when transported. You can also use protective and colorful covers. Make your valuable goods Staff at the airport recalled a case where a passenger flew from the US with 8 iPads in his suitcase without any insurance or declared value. Gadgets have been stolen. The man received a $ 30 compensation. To avoid such situations, it is important to secure your valuables and take a picture at check-in.

Purchase a luggage GPS If you’ve ever lost your bag or are too worried about your stuff, then you certainly need a GPS tracker. It’s small, you can set your satellite coordinates and then transfer them by email or phone. Just put it inside the suitcase and watch online!


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