What is happening aboard a plane without the knowledge of passengers

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Several pilots and flight attendants have uncovered some of the less well-known things that can happen during an airplane flight, including why we have to stop all mobile devices and what authority does the pilot have on the passengers.


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There are a few less known things that can happen during an airplane flight. Several pilots, flight attendants and passengers have told the Reddit platform some of the mysteries on board an aircraft, says Business Magazine. Here are some of them: Why we have to stop our mobile phones during the plane flight Mobile phones or other electronic devices do not cause an aircraft to crash, but they can be extremely annoying to pilots. When the plane prepares to land, pilots may be disturbed by the signals emitted by mobile phones.

Pilots sometimes sleep during an airplane flight At least half of the pilots sleep during the race. Between 43 and 54 per cent of the surveyed pilots in the UK, Norway and Sweden admitted that they were asleep while piloting a passenger plane. Oxygen masks give you only 15 minutes of air If the oxygen masks descend, you only have about 15 minutes of oxygen at the point where you removed them. However, it is more than enough for the pilot to take the aircraft at a lower altitude, where you can breathe normally.

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Pilots receive different food

Pilots the same aircraft receive different food that they do not have to share with each other. This precaution is taken to ensure that both pilots of the aircraft do not suffer any food poisoning or other gastric problems during a flight. Diffuse light is intended to prepare passengers for evacuation, not for sleep When a plane lands at night, flight attendants diminish the intensity of light in case it is necessary to evacuate the passengers to the landing. Eyes are already adapted to the dark, so you can see better once you get to the outside of the plane. The pilot can arrest you in the middle of the flight The pilot has almost unlimited authority when the aircraft doors are closed. It can arrest people, write fines and even accept the will of a dying passenger. The air you breathe is from the engine The air you breathe in the airplane is actually compressed air from the engine. A large portion (25-50%) reaches the pilot’s cabin, and the rest is for passengers. The air leaves the plane through a small hole behind the fuselage.