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It’s been 85 years since women first inaugural flight attendant Ellen Church, which paved the way for one of the most challenging but at the same time beautiful profession – the stewardess, informs Daily Mail.


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Rebecca “Becky”Verzosa-Santos with PAL chairman Dr. Lucio C. Tan with his wife Carmen, and PAL president Jaime J. Bautista during a dinner-reception celebrating the flag carrier’s return to New York in March 2015. Becky received a standing ovation

The first station attendant in history was occupied by a man. In 1912, Heinrich Kubis was committed aboard a Zeppelin. This was when the planes were not yet large enough to have a crew racing line extended and not begun to unfold. Then Kubis worked in an aircraft called Schwaben, going after some time to lead a team of drivers.

Only in 1939 in the role of hostess come first woman, Ellen Church. She is the one who opened the way to one of the most demanding yet beautiful profession. Ellen attended the inaugural flight for Boeing Air Transport. At that time, women could not travel alone by plane. Ellen Church but wanted to change this view. Driver’s license and a diploma in nursing and wanted at all costs to prove that women can work on an airplane.

She was selected as a crew because it was believed that a nurse may reassure passengers nervous or scared. It was, at first the role of Ellen. Her first flight lasted 20 hours. In time, she helped promote hostess station and helped other women’s selection for this post.

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Ellen Church was born on September 22, 1904 in Cresco, Iowa in United States. Before being selected to the first team of drivers, the woman worked as a nurse in a hospital in San Francisco.Ellen died on August 22, 1965, while attending a horse race.

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