With the wife in suitcase: How a Frenchman wanted to bring Russian wife in EU

wife in suitcase

Frenchman packs Russian wife in suitcase to enter EU – Telegraph

Mar 16, 2015 A Frenchman tried to smuggle his Russian wife into the EU by hiding her in a massive suitcase, without realising there had been no need for …

The website reported that young Polish Wiadomosci24 not have the necessary documents to enter the Schengen area, so they decided to enter illegally in the region, according to the Moscow Times.She hid in a large suitcase and carried her to the man while traveling by train from Moscow to Nice, France.

After they crossed the border between Belarus and Poland, reaching Terespol city authorities became suspicious of the large size of baggage, so they decided to control it. There they found a young crowded.

“Foreigners are trying to illegally cross the border in many ways, but it is the first time I see a person hidden in a suitcase,” said spokesman of the Polish customs authorities, Dariusz Sienicki.

The two are now under investigation in Poland and face up to three years in prison, local media reported.

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However, the newspaper Le Figaro wrote later, quoting Sienicki, a woman, aged 30 years, had the right to enter the Schengen area would not have been stopped if he was hiding in a suitcase.

All French newspaper said that the two were allowed to return to Belarus without any investigation be initiated against them.

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