Wizz Air no longer charges for large hand luggage

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Wizz Air, the largest low-cost airline in Central and Eastern Europe, today announces that it will no longer charge an additional fare on its aircrafts on any of its aircrafts since October 29, 2017.


Small cabin bag

All you need to know about baggage rules, checked-in – and cabin baggage weight and size limits, carriage of sports equipment or musical instruments.

Passengers can take a large hand bag of 55x40x23cm on board. This baggage is included in the ticket price.

The change is a 50% increase in luggage volume compared to the previous free-of-charge size on board aircraft. Passengers traveling on and on October 29, who have already paid the high hand baggage charge directly through the Wizz Air channels will receive a refund of 120 % Of the paid price in their WIZZ accounts.

In customer satisfaction questionnaires, more than 80% of passengers have given Wizz Air a very high score in terms of on-board experience, openness and professionalism of employees. Wizz Air is always receptive to passenger suggestions, so the company believes that the new hand baggage policy will further enhance the travel experience with WIZZ.

Also today, the airline announces the launch of a new passenger service called WIZZ Priority. Valid today on all company flights, WIZZ Priority includes:

• Priority to boarding

• Passengers can take on board a small hand baggage (with a maximum size of 40x30x18cm)

• From October 29th a guarantee that large hand baggage can be taken on board aircraft (the guarantee is also valid for passengers who have purchased WIZZ Go, WIZZ Plus and WIZZ Privilege Pass).


“Today’s announcement emphasizes Wizz Air’s commitment to providing passengers with a very good experience at every step of their journey. Wizz Air boasts easy-to-use software solutions with state-of-the-art fleet technology and efficiency, as well as excellent on-board services and professionalism for the busiest. We strive to ensure that the WIZZ travel experience is as easy and worry-free as possible, so that there will be no bigger baggage charges on all 29 October company flights will only strengthen our commitment to this Mission, “said József Váradi, Wizz Air Chief Executive Officer.


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