Poundtravel Rewards

For every holiday package purchase of minimum value of 1500 GBP from our partners we will refund you as follows :

– 4 % on flights orders made from http://adf.ly/1BKNx5

– 3% on hotel bookings made from any of these pages: https://poundtravel.uk/hotel-finder/ , https://poundtravel.uk/comparison-engine/

-2% on cruise and ferries purchases made  from:  https://poundtravel.uk/cruises/ and https://poundtravel.uk/ferries/

-1% on car rental from https://poundtravel.uk/car-rentals/ and also 1% on tour bookings from https://poundtravel.uk/promotours/

NOTE : You must have a paypal account to be able to receive the refund. Offers are available only for poundtravel.uk registered  members.